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About Anjney SM

Mr."Anjney SM" A competent individual offering nearly 11 years of quality experience in Holistic Health Management, Yoga & Meditation, ER Management, HR Management, Stress Management, Behavioural Management, Talent Management and Hypnotism,
An out-of-the-box thinker committed towards the growth of people within the organisation.
Distinguished personality who wrote many articles for magazines and newspapers
Highly creative and self-motivated with innovative ideas / concepts for increasing the transference of learning from a lower level to a higher level.Outstanding interpersonal & students-relations skills with ability to teach improved communication, diversity skills, and to aid in efficient completion of knowledge and study.
Hands on experience as an Anchor & News Reader with exceptional spoken skills, voice quality, fluency and clarity in pronunciation

An effective communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills and hands on experience.

Our Values
To Offer Healthy Living .... Because Every one deserves it....
Award Winning


Successfully organized Discourse on “Meditation and Healthy Living” in Ghaziabad District Jail for Prisoners in 2001.
“Special Stress Management and Meditation Training” Workshop conducted in Tihar Jail, New Delhi for Prisoners in the year 2002.
Conducted special Practice session of “Meditation and Breathing Exercise” for a group of Japanese Tourist during stay at Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra NEW DELHI.
“Stress Management and Healthy Mind” session was organized for Beauty Competition Contestants at New Delhi during their grooming program.
Special Lecture on intervention of “Ancient life style in present world” was delivered for Indian Medical Association (IMA) during their annual meeting at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi.
There was special discourse on “Healthy Politics” successfully organized at Vidhan Sabha, New Delhi for MLA’s  in 2000.
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